Above The Trees

When a good man GABRIEL (Julian Remulla) is assaulted in the park one night and left in a serious coma, his best friend and local boxer GUSTAVO ROJAS (Luis Rodriguez) is charged with the crime. This non-linear story plays out in five chapters as it follows a mosaic of people linked to the tragedy, while the criminal trial unfolds in Jackson County.

Directed by Gary Lundgren. Starring Danielle Kelly, Julian Remulla, Luis Rodriguez, Danforth Comins, Barret O'Brien. Filmed on location in the Rogue Valley.

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Phoenix, Oregon

Two longtime friends battle mid-life crisis by quitting their jobs and opening a bowling alley/pizzeria in their small hometown.

"The sort of movie a lot of us need right now." -VARIETY

"Walks a gorgeous line between pathos and comedy... having more to say about depression, anxiety, art, friendship and love than any dozen movies I've seen in the theater this year." -SOURCE WEEKLY

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  • ...definitely a prime contender for the feel-good movie of the year.

    - Addison Wylie, Wylie Writes

  • To put it simply — and, yes, gratefully — 'Phoenix, Oregon' is the sort of movie a lot of us need right now.

    - Joe Leydon, Variety

  • A warm and hopeful coming-of-middle-age tale.

    - John Defore, The Hollywood Reporter

  • An ode to small-town joys.

    - Devika Girish, New York Times

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Calvin Marshall

A young man pursues his childhood dream to play baseball but struggles to make his Jr. College team. A hilarious, inspiring comedy about Calvin's journey and the people who love him most.

"Steve Zahn gives a career-best performance in this low-key gem. Lundgren's screenplay beautifully juggles the story's alternately comic and poignant elements and renders all three main characters with surprising depth." -HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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Redwood Highway

Living in a retirement community and estranged from her family, Marie escapes down the Redwood Highway. If she can walk the 80 miles, she’ll get to revisit the ocean of her past and attend her grand-daughter’s wedding.

"A low-key charmer with a large-souled performance at its center. Knight manages to be alternately feisty, astringent, stubborn... almost all of the performances achieve perfect pitch, a tribute to Lundgren’s direction." -HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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Black Road

In 2029, a man risks his life to protect a mysterious woman from her dangerous ex. He's aided by his A.I. implant "Clyde" who proves partner and friend.

"It's got it all: Black Road is definitely a ‘neo-noir,’ and a damn fine one at that." – full review, ConTV

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