An Ending, Another Pivot, or a New Beginning

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Eventually I will wrap up this “distribution case study”. After eight months of covid, several pivots, revised release plans, and stalls, we’re still in a bit of a waiting period. Digital and foreign sales deals are still in limbo, partners are “waiting”.

So it’s still up to us… while we wait on the gears of the industry to start turning again, we can either take a last crack at doing some self-distribution or move on.

I’d love to be able to dive in again, and maybe we will… but most of the team is now working new full time jobs. I’m so grateful after being without work for months due to covid, but it is bittersweet knowing my time only spreads so far.

The end of this case study is still to be seen. I’m not quite ready to call it, but I’ve no idea where it will lead next.

♡ Annie


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