Chasing the Shiniest Object. Technology.

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Technology is fun, tantalizing and moving like a train to either smash you or take you where you want to go — as long as you run fast enough to hop on.

My brain is awhirl with new ideas, distribution channels and functionality.

I need to focus on purpose and niche so that I can settle the tech and start building relationships and partnerships. They do go hand in hand. User-interface and partner experience with a business’s tech is just as imporant as the person-to-person relationship. Tech is the front office, the handshake, the face of the company, the first impression. But tech is also a shiny object — a mirage that keeps moving faster as it’s chased. Soon, I’ll be bored of the tech, and someone else will need to take it over. That’s my pattern. But by then, I will have exciting new partners to meet — like our friends in NYC at Sol Cinema Cafe who are virtually screening Phoenix, Oregon next week — or the Oregon restaurant association who is creating a fund to give grants to restaurants who are feeding the food insecure in their communities.

There are so many amazing people out there, and one thing this project has allowed is for me to connect with a handful of them.

People are resilient, creative, and innovative and ultimately want to do good.

Even in the midst of this worldwide awfulness as we navigate the ups-and-downs, heaviness, and uncontrollable mood swings, each day I am uplifted by those who are battling back, doing good and trying their best to offer encouragement.

This week is quiet for Theatrical-At-Home. We don’t have a major promotion until next week. We are spending the time to rest, strategize, rethink and adapt our platform. We are also starting to think ahead to digital distribution in early June. More on that soon.

♡ Annie

Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash


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