Community cinemas are the backbone of the independent film industry

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Community cinemas (art house theaters) and film festivals introduce audiences to films they may not otherwise see. Without them, indie filmmakers would have limited ability to exhibit their work to appreciative audiences.

I love these theaters. I didn’t realize how much until last summer — how important they have always been to me — in the background of my life and career.

They create and nurture audiences, planting seeds and preparing them to embrace and appreciate art.

I wish we could do more for these theaters. I wish we could start a movement.

Their patrons who are buying virtual tickets have been encouraging, and I get emotional every day as I read their notes of support to the theaters.

The story hasn’t changed much since last summer… theaters needed support then as well. Now that we miss them and see their importance so clearly, can we envision a new way to support the theaters even when they reopen?

Filmmakers rarely find audience on their own. Programmers generously offer up their loyal audience. We accept the gift, and with vulnerability and generosity, share our work. Audiences express gratitude and appreciation for the exchange.

It works.

When each part does their job, it is beautiful.

Without these theaters, the bottom would drop out of an already shaky independent film business. We must do more, not just now, but also when this worldwide crisis is over.

As many storytellers do, I believe that stories change lives. They have the power to transform, educate, create relatability and share new perspectives. Humans would die without story. It is core to our beings…

And stories need a teller, listeners, and the fire ring.

Thank you, theaters, for creating and holding space for stories to thrive.

Thank you for being our fire-rings.

♡ Annie

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash The World Theater


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