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As part of theatrical-at-home, we promised a permanent version of the film to all ticket holders. Upon our digital release yesterday June 1, we fufilled this by sending out special copies to 4,000 customers.

After months of worrying on security and making sure that streaming links were protected, customers can now download the movie directly to their desktop from iTunes, Amazon, our link, and any other platform. It’s a strange feeling to have the film out in the world now, flying around on its own, exposed to all.

It’s also a good feeling.

We’ve been watching the iTunes pricing. It curiously changes for unknown reasons. We started it at a pre-order sales price of $6.99. Yesterday the Buy price went live at $15.99 instead of $14.99. Today it is $19.99. I don’t know the criteria or reason for the changes. Other platforms have the film priced between $5.99-$12.99, although we’ve asked that the $5.99 price be increased. The “rent” price on all platforms is lower — in the $3.99–4.99 range.

We can make pricing requests to platforms, but control is somewhat limited.

We will learn as we go.

I’m curious to find out if we have any way to track sales or interest yet. We may have some initial information on our weekly team call on Wednesday. I’ll report back.

♡ Annie


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