Finding Safety in Uncertainty

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It has been an interesting week, and it is only Monday.

Sales and events are at a lull, but I feel a rumbling, a percolating beneath the surface. Something is changing. I can’t tell what yet.

We’ve been running so fast. But I think we, and a handful of innovative theaters, were five weeks ahead. We are now getting requests from new theaters — from ones who are just surfacing from the trauma of those first few weeks of shutdown. They are just now considering the possibility of virtual cinema as a viable option.

In parallel, software systems are being created to support the new infrastructure. I had a call with a software company today who has provided payment processing to the industry for a long while and has now added streaming. It was exciting to talk to them. They have also worked harder than ever before in their lives — building something out of thin air. Kindred spirits. I feel we will do some kind of work with them. I do not know the shape it will take… as with everything right now. One step and then the next. Blindly.


A few years ago, Flannery and I took a Coyote Trails one-week immersive outdoors class. One exercise was a blind-folded walk through a field and woods.

The first instinct was to put my hands out and swat at the air feeling for obstacles. But soon, my arms hung gently at my sides, my feet listened, and my heart scanned the air.

The trees made known their presence, and I slowly carved my way up the hill. Stopping inches from branches. Gently moving them aside. I only ran into one tree, slowly, softly — a small tree. It was as if it mocked me — in a moment of pride when I forgot to listen.

And now, it’s the same. Step by step. Unsure where I’m going. Only forward. Trusting. Knowing I’m not alone. Feeling uncertain yet somehow safe. Thankful.

♡ Annie

Photo by Gustav Gullstrand on Unsplash


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