Getting Published in the Trades

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Here it is. We did it. A post in the trades — more than one-line, less than a direct link. A four- paragraph (that’s a lot of paragraphs) write-up in Variety, in their Film Roundup.

Variety, January 16, 2020

Let’s break this down.

I’m still lost on how this works, but I’m pretty sure this is good, as any ink at all is hard to get. I’d love to learn more, so readers, please comment if you have additional insights!


I know that so often, we independent filmmakers feel like we’re fighting an uphill battle. Often we don’t know what game we’re playing, if we’re on the right field, or if there is even a field at all.

I really don’t think anyone is out to get indie filmmakers. I don’t.

Everyone is just doing their job.

There isn’t any master-mind group trying to keep everything a secret.

There are a million pieces, everyone is busy, and each person is focused on their own job, their own rolodex.

It’s easiest to call and respond to people you already know within your own silo of tasks.

The path of least resistance. It works for them. Day in and day out.

They are not used to an indie tornado-team coming in and disrupting their flow.

And that’s what we are. Let’s admit it. We are tornados. Trying to churn up the world, pulling all tasks, all hats, all departments into our mini-world. We have no respect for, and do not understand, silos, department heads, or bureaucracy.

We spurn all things that for them create ease, routine and consistency.

We want everything. We want more. More. More. We eat up knowledge, adventure and creativity. We try to upend systems and make our own place in the world.

All at the expense of people just trying to get their jobs done in their busy worlds where they have bosses to please, quotas to meet, and profit & loss statements to write.

And every day, we come in crashing their parties.

It’s ok. It’s what we need to keep doing. For that’s how things change and grow and hopefully get better, not worse.

But it’s important that we see their perspective too. They aren’t out to get us or intentionally block us. We push against “easy”, and that’s jarring to the norm.


A top position in the trades means money, awareness, perception. Those spots will always go to the biggest, most powerful players.

The little guys are usually ignored, swatted aside.

If I were to submit blindly to Variety or The Hollywood Reporter myself, my chances for a response are pretty slim.

Thankfully, our publicist and distributor have direct contacts, and we got placement.

Now we’re official. Is “official” important?

Well, I guess that’s another question to which I do not know the answer!

Again, the only truly important thing, the task upon which we keep all focus, is to get the film to as many of its core audience as possible. There are industry hoops to jump through and perception-setting that must be done to make that a reality.

Today I am grateful for our team who has moved us one step closer.

♡ Annie

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash


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