Grateful to be working again

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After being out of work for most of the year due to covid, I’ve started producing again. I have ten shoots coming up in the next two weeks. Yikes. One day each, fairly simple, with delivery mid-December.

My covid-stale brain is just starting to catch up.

When I do these agency shoots, I plug into a system that works mostly the same every time. Usually the biggest challenge is confirming creative and budget with the client. Thankfully most of these are simple interviews. Only one is a narrative needing extra support and a bigger crew.

These all happen remotely all around the world. I stay home, finalize logistics, hire a crew — of one or two people to be on site — and the director connects to the camera remotely.

The brands and agencies have adapted over the last six months and now have a system to continue work.

I’m optimistic. It’s a beginning.

I hope the same for the rest of the industry — the indie film industry. Although, it’s a different beast. Our team is still waiting for people to go back to their offices and start buying films again.

But for now, we’re grateful to be working again.

♡ Annie


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