Looking Back on 2020’s Tourniquet of Upheaval & the Daily Blog Challenge

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Definitely starting to contemplate the year and my 365 day blog challenge. What was it for? How will I feel when it’s over? What did I learn, etc? I’m not ready to answer yet, but a few initial thoughts…

Habits take me a year not 28 days. No wonder!

I know myself better.

I’m less afraid of mistakes.

I will never love being public with my thoughts, but I no longer panic.

2021 will likely be private.

I worry I’ll forget to blog in the last twenty days and ruin my streak.

Thought blurbs can be as valuable as lengthy blogs.

I’m clearer in my knowing and more confident in my expression of what’s important to me.

When I started, I promised myself — as a criteria for agreeing to this challenge — that I wouldn’t call anyone out, be mean, or express animosity in my posts. I’ve kept to this, and I’m grateful. For me, for my sensitive heart, this was the best decision. I’ve expressed dismay and grief for sure, but as in life, I aim to circle back to hope, love, generosity, resilience, gratitude and growth.

I know I’ll be grateful for this year when I look back. That’s so strange to say… I meant the blogging challenge, not the rest. But maybe when 2020 is many years in the rear-view, we’ll also feel grateful for its tourniquet of upheaval, isolation, disorientation and change.

May it squeeze us towards our best…

♡ Annie


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