Masks, Theaters, Pizza & Film Festival Day

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Deluca’s Pizzeria, Hot Springs, Arkansas

Starting to completely lose my sense of time, place and day. It’s all a blur.

The feeling is encapsulated in today’s mish-mash of disjointed tasks and events.

  • We made masks per the recommendation of our country health dept. Flannery’s been doing a daily vlog while quarantined and posted a mask-making tutorial for Day 16.
  • I prepared the webpage for Film Festival Day on April 11. Film Festival Alliance and Theatrical-at-Home will present Phoenix, Oregon followed by a virtual Q&A with cast and crew. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 3, and all revenues will be shared with the thirty participating festivals!
  • In the middle of the day, I thought I had broken the streaming site. I was fiddling with apps and installing, uninstalling and updating code when a parapraph of raw javascript appeared at the bottom of every page. It turned out to be a momentary bug in the underlying platform and not me after all.
  • The world passed 1 million confirmed covid cases…
  • I spoke to a New York business about hosting virtual screenings for Phoenix and several other films between April 22 — July. This is a special group doing meaningful work in New York City, and I’m excited to work with them.
  • Thirteen new theaters have been added for April 3.
  • I secured the pizza dough recipe (from the movie) from our dear friend, Anthony Valinoti, of Deluca’s Pizzeria in Hot Springs, AR. His pizzeria was voted a Best-Pizza-in-the-South, and the character of Carlos in Phoenix, Oregon is based on him. Buy a virtual ticket to Film Festival Day April 11 to get a copy of the recipe.

Stay safe, my friends.

♡ Annie


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