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Next steps… Going to throw this out there now as a semi-commitment to myself.

We are still waiting on final SVOD contracts for Phoenix, Oregon. This means that our TVOD window is still open. For a while longer, this is still a good thing. We can continue to sell individual digital copies of the film before it is available to anyone who is a member of one of the subscription services.

While pacing myself, and the team… I would like to engage new partners to put the film out into the world, splitting revenues 50–50.

This is the one strategy that has worked and shown real results — not a lot, not huge numbers, but real numbers — a little bit at a time.

To do this, I need to automate a few things on the website — namely partner signups, reporting and payments. All of those are taking too much of my time currently, but I should be able to make adjustments in a few weeks. Then it will be easier to engage partners at a wider level.

Stay tuned for a new site launch and partner outreach…

♡ Annie


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