Phoenix, Oregon Digital — One Week from Today!

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Two years ago today, Gary and I were driving James and Kevin from Klamath Falls to the airport in Medford after 4 weeks of filming Phoenix, Oregon.

One year ago today, we finalized the purchase of the RV in which we toured the country screening the film.

Today? We are one week away from digital — the culmination of all of our efforts over the last two years. The film will be officially pushed out of the nest, to live and fly on its own.

For awhile still, we will continue pushing and supporting — adding marketing, advertising and partnerships, driving it to more platforms and completing foreign sales. Eventually, it will survive completely on its own, and we will move on to the next project.

But for now, for this week and the next couple months, we will continue working to meet our goals to get the film into the world and reach profitability. This week, I am crunching numbers and running reports, so more on that soon.

♡ Annie

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