Phoenix, Oregon movie next steps

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Since June 1, Phoenix, Oregon has been available on most online digital platforms, but the entire industry as well as other ancillary sales (subscription, foreign, etc) still seem to be stalled. So we wait. The larger markets are in the hands of our distributors for now.

It’s still interesting to me that our biggest revenue pushes have come from promotions — “support your theater”, “support a restaurant”, “support a festival”, “proceeds go to fire relief efforts”, etc…

Maybe another “support a …” is in store?

The revenue increments for these efforts are small and take time. I’m not sure how much time I have left to give. This week, I start an intense nine weeks of production work for an agency. I’m exceedingly grateful for this job after months in pandemic mode, but it definitely pulls me away from additional Phoenix, Oregon planning and strategizing.

We shall see what is next…

♡ Annie


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