Real-Time Distribution Case Study, Week 19: Growth & Head Explosions

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The Phoenix, Oregon ten-week national screening tour begins in TWO DAYS!!!

Two main thoughts have been going through my head the last few days:

  • I can’t believe how much can get done in one week.
  • When attempting big dreams, be ready for monumental personal growth.


Heads (including mine) might explode if I recount our team’s complete list of tasks.

So very briefly without inducing explosions, this week included the following (not all done by me):

  • purchase of the second RV
  • vehicle wrap artwork
  • sponsorship outreach
  • bookings & venue outreach
  • promotional event planning
  • print trafficking (shipping DCPs)
  • non-movie related jobs and travel
  • haircuts
  • and an overnight trip to the coast with 14 girls for Flannery’s 13th birthday

Yep, we did that. Not the best timing but wonderful and memorable for the kids.

Like the last week of pre-production, at some point you give in, lean into the thundering flow of tasks, and realize you only need to film one day at a time.


The Halycon in Denver offers unique sayings at every door. My room last week?

Yes, please.



When I turned 30, I said a prayer: “May I learn more in the next 30 years than I did in the first.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, I was filled with certainty, elation and regret.

Considering that I learned to walk, run, and talk in the first 30 years, did I really want to invite this path?

Fifteen years on, half-way through, there has been joy, tragedy, love, and definitely learning.

In the midst of this new adventure-of-a-lifetime, I am being stretched.

I feel so grateful. This is one of the happy times of growth and stretching. I get sore muscles, but it’s a good sore.


For twenty years, it’s been my job to facilitate teams and guide projects.

Most of my time has been spent in the film and software industries, as a woman working in fields of men.

With a firm kindness, my unswerving method has always been to help a team reach a goal while at the same time ensuring everyone feels heard and appreciated.

With this new project, I feel called to grow beyond this.

In addition to facilitating team-based, win-win decisions, I have to make decisions… decisive decisions… quick decisions… sometimes in opposition to input.

I am learning to trust myself based on my experience and my gut.

This may sound weird, but I finally realized this was the test with the RV. As it continued to be difficult to acquire our transportation, I kept pondering, “why is this so hard?”

Once I realized I needed to take input but ultimately trust myself to make a wise decision, it became easier.

I am learning to be a stronger, more decisive, decision-making, strategy-setting woman. This is good. This will serve me later. I am grateful.


Our tour starts in two days. The next blog post will be from the road.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who are following along and who have given me such encouraging comments and support. I am so grateful to all of you.

♡ Annie


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