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“The right movie for the right time.” — Variety review of “Phoenix, Oregon”

I can die happy now.

Just kidding. I still have things to do — like finishing this 25-year project to create a sustainable and profitable film business which pays back its investors.

The press has been favorable to both the film and our “theatrical-at-home” model for supporting theaters. We have media requests from all over the country. New theaters are requesting to participate in the program starting Week 2, March 27.

Washington Post and Vox articles will be coming out in the next two days.

Now the trick will be sales — and proving the concept. Sales are starting to come in, but it will be interesting to see how readily viewers go outside of their comfort zone to buy in a way they have never done before. I’m not sure how much of a dent we will make in alleviating the impact on both us and these theaters, but we sure are trying.

The Movies at Midway in Rehoboth Beach has us on their billboard and most of the theaters are starting to promote the release on social.

Today when thinking about all the movie houses that have closed, I realize that one of the main reasons I care is because we met so many theater owners on our tour last summer. We heard their stories night after night. Even then, they faced challenges, but they stayed in business because they believe in sharing stories in community. The story we are telling now about supporting small cinemas is not a new one. It’s ashame it has taken COVID-19 to bring it to light. People do still want to see movies, to congregate together, and to hear stories.

♡ Annie


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