Single Biggest Sales Day

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Today was our single biggest sales day for Phoenix, Oregon Theatrical-at-Home.

This is due to three main factors:

  • Continued press in markets already familiar with the film
  • Film Festival Day marketing by festivals to their loyal patrons
  • Having almost sixty theaters and festivals promoting on the platform

We are currently running two programs:

Customers are directed by their local theater or festival to the purchase page to rent the film. The revenue from all sales is split with the venues.

We’ve been testing a version of “pay what you want” on the festival page. We include language encouraging customers to buy multiple tickets if they’d like to further support the film and their chosen venue.

This minor change to the language caused the average order value to increase from around $7.50 to over $10 in the last two days.

We had considered a gradual pay-what-you-want feature which would allow guests to choose any dollar amount over $6.50 (assuming customers might choose $10), but through testing, we found that many people enjoy buying multiple virtual tickets ($13). This has continued to prove true and has pushed the total average for film festival day orders over $10 as of this evening. We may also test this on the theater page.

My focus for Thursay and Friday is preparing for the weekend when we may have 1,000 people watching the film. Customer support has been manageable now that the bugs are worked out, but there are still a few things to smooth out. I am also working on creating a portal for partners to track their sales real-time.

Stay tuned for more information on Film Festival Day on April 11 and new partnerships with organizations in the coming weeks.

♡ Annie


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