Theatrical-at-Home Logistics, Pt. 1

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Today, we’ve been prepping graphics and revising the website with the basic elements needed to instruct people on how to watch Phoenix, Oregon from home.

The process to buy tickets and get a screening link has multiple steps which may throw off a buyer. I’m not thrilled with that, but it’s tricky. We technically need to run the revenue through the theaters — both for their peace of mind and so that revenue is reported on box office reports.

We still rely on box office numbers to drive future sales, including digital platform and foreign negoations, so it is imporant that the theaters report those numbers. It may come to be that all theaters close. Then we would sell direct to customer, pay the theater, and report revenues ourselves. This would certainly be an easer buying process for the customer. I’ll be ready with this model as a backup plan.

Here is the website as of tonight. Functional but clunky. I’m working to implement an easier 1–2–3 process and instructions. If only we could have 1-click purchasing!

If you want to watch “Phoenix, Oregon” at home during our theatrical release, consider buying advance tickets and testing out the process! It will also cheer the spirits of the theaters who had a tough weekend.

♡ Annie


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