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This year, I will post a blog every day. Bite-sized, quick reads.

How? I have no idea, but I am curious to find out — to look back and know.

Prolific author, Seth Godin, states that he doesn’t know why everyone doesn’t blog daily… I want to find out why he thinks this and see if I agree. I have serious doubts.

Godin instructs: if you can talk, you can write. Well, I prefer not to talk, but I am plagued by constant thought. Hopefully, it’s the same.

The theme will continue to be the film’s release and how our family navigates the pursuit of our dreams.

I’m not sure how to maintain the pace. Part of the challenge will be to find out.

Until last year, I had never written publicly, but I have journaled since I was six.

It’s likely that to keep pace, the posts will reflect the style of my journal — short phrases, grammatically incorrect, limited capitalization, the rhythm and songs of my soul (if you’ve followed me at all, you know what I mean.)

Why am I doing this?

I don’t know yet. Sometimes the best challenges, the ones requested by our inner hopes, don’t reveal the answers until completed. This resonates with me — I feel a longing for something yet unknown.

But as a start… I want:

  • to have had the experience.
  • to grow… and learn how to more deeply connect, share, and be vulnerable.
  • to develop a regular, faster writing routine, with more ease and less pressure.
  • to add to (not subtract from) my work on the film’s release. I hope that audiences who enjoy the blog, will also in some way enjoy and be inspired by our movies. I want to find out what it’s like to reach out to, connect with, and serve this audience.

I have felt on the verge of crazy trying to decide whether or not to do this. Now as I commit, I trust that by the end of the year, the reasons will become clear…


What hopes & dreams are tugging you closer this year?

♡ Annie



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