Build-Grow-Slow Initiative & Replicating What Works

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Next steps for Phoenix, Oregon in parallel with traditional distribution…

…the build, grow, slow, one-at-a-time, little-by-little release model.

Because we’re tired. And also because it has worked. We’ll attempt to replicate something that works instead of continually reinventing.

In the last 18 months, we have found the most success with events and partners.

(We also found great success with sales to friends and past-customers, but those avenues have been exhausted. It’s time to make new friends and customers.)

Our most successful partnerships have been with theatres, festivals, and organizations while reaching out to customers with a spirit of community, friendship and mutual support.

The build-grow-slow initiative will attempt to replicate our most successful events. We will automate some of our backend systems to allow scaling and partner with new organizations: bowling center, restaurants, and comic book stores.

The intention will be to split revenues, support brick-and-mortar businesses during this time of covid, and provide entertainment to their customers.

♡ Annie


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