Conversion Tracking & Website Relaunch

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There are still so many things to learn.

Today I tried to figure out how to add the Phoenix, Oregon FB page to Facebook Ad Manager and Business Manager so that we can connect the tracking pixel to our payment processor for future ads. I didn’t figure it out yet.

We are running an ad in the Oregonian starting Friday as part of their matching grant program Oregonian Cares. We will be able to track the ad through to clicks and conversions on our website using UTM source, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, and Shopify conversion reporting.

Ad tracking is something that I’ve tried and tested a little bit in the past, but I was never great at it, nor did I fully understand the reporting tools. If we are able to collect real data, we will then be able to test improvements to increase conversions.

Today we also launched a redesigned, streamlined version of our website focused on digital with links to all of the digital platforms. We also include an option to still buy or rent directly through the Theatrical-at-Home platform.

We’ll have initial data on digital sales in the next two weeks from the bigger platforms, and then we’ll have better guidance for next steps.

♡ Annie


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