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Tomorrow we meet with our distributor to plan the next events for Phoenix, Oregon and a possible screening in early August.

At the same time, I am in the midst of making a decision on how far to take the streaming platform, Theatrical-At-Home. The two theatrical films I am currently supporting are doing well in the marketplace, and I am adding 2–3 more in August.

I can support 5–10 films at the same time, but for the platform to scale, I will need to add automation and outsource customer support.

Every young business reaches this point — the moment when one individual can’t do all the tasks, and for a moment, the revenue might not cover additional staff.

My first priority is to outsource customer support. I only have a couple a day — maybe 10–15 a week, but they are draining and distracting.

I’m great at customer support in that I’ll do anything to help, and I respond immediately. But I’m terrible at customer support in that I do not disconnect emotionally.

It’s time to reference my purpose-statement and do some thinking and journaling about where to go these next 3–6 months — in light of COVID, the TV show we hope to make, finishing strong on Phoenix, and serving my film community.

♡ Annie


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