Innovation, Contribution and Competition

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Every so often when I stop and consider all the new streaming platforms popping up into the market, I feel a twinge of nervousness, jealousy, and uncertainty.

In business, what is most important? Driving innovation and change or competition?

My ah-ha for today is that contribution is more important than competition.

My end goal has been to nudge change towards a system that works for filmmakers, their partners and the audience — a beautiful, symbiotic, sustainable dance.

The more our industry shares business strategies and ideas, the more we can drive these goals forwards. There is room for everyone.

The more collaboration, the more filmmakers and audiences win. That’s what we want. Not siloed competition. Otherwise, we are back where we started.

I don’t know for sure if a year from now I’ll have a streaming business. Someone else may take my place and better fill the need. But if I help push the needle even a little for filmmakers towards control, visibility, transparency and sustainability, that is success.

♡ Annie


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