Do you ever stay busy just so you won’t cry?

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Do you ever stay busy just so you won’t cry?

That’s a bit how I feel today. We’ve been working on the press release for the Phoenix, Oregon Movie fundraising campaign to support those impacted in the Southern Oregon wildfires. Now it’s done, and I think to myself: “I shoudn’t have had that second cup of coffee. I’m buzzing. But if I stop, I might cry.”

But I need to stop. To breathe. To become aware and grounded. To be authentic and sincere. To listen to those in need before assuming and doing what’s next.

At one point, a friend said to add more heartbreak to the release. “Because it is heartbreaking.” She was right, but I thought, “Every word has already made me cry. More emotion?” But I realized that I’m still in shock. My brain is still processing and protecting itself by being analytical and precise. It lets in emotion and grief just a little bit at a time.

All of our hearts are breaking for our neighbors. We struggle to comprehend, to process, to help, to solve, to look ahead, to prepare, to house, feed, rebuild, renew, and refresh.

I’ve observed some of the patterns in myself, other helpers and victims over the last few days (from social media posts and conversations.) Days 1 & 2: panic and shock. Intense ideas, support, love and help directed at victims, some of whom were not ready to accept anything as they could barely process what had just happened. Day 3: Grief. So many of my friends and colleagues spent periods of the day in tears. Day 4: Grounding, renewed focus with an eye towards the future. What next? How? Day 5: Action.

The Phoenix, Oregon Movie team is offering two ways for our followers to give:

  • WATCH Phoenix, Oregon Movie and 100% of proceeds will be distributed in cash and gift cards to families with urgent needs.
  • DONATE to the United Way Fire Relief Fund. Donations are tax deductible. We have partnered with the United Way of Jackson County to address the mid- to long-term recovery and rebuilding of the most vulnerable communities in Jackson County.

Thank you my community, far and wide, for supporting Oregon during this time.

♡ Annie


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