Flyering and Handing out More Boxes

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Tomorrow, I’ll drive to Grants Pass to hang posters and hand out final raffle boxes. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve had a stack of these boxes in the back of my car for a week. The rest have been distributed in the Rogue Valley, Klamath Falls and across the country.

Approaching businesses in person — rather than on the phone — has been much easier for me, and it’s nice to see how much the bars appreciate a fresh set of coasters.

I hadn’t realized that the coasters would be the conversation-starter and allow me to talk to the establishments about the Gift Box and raffle promotion. The bars seem to appreciate the gift boxes, but they are luke-warm on the raffle since the box takes up counter space and asking the manager to engage and hold a drawing. This takes brain space, which in this busy world is often in short supply.

Even so, several of the bars have found the idea of promoting a movie quite fun. Growler Guys in Ashland is enthusiastic and has prominently displayed the promotional items.

Growler Guys in Ashland, Oregon

Wish me luck on my day trip to GP on Monday! Hopefully, all boxes will be successfully distributed in happy homes away from my trunk and garage.

♡ Annie


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