It’s Release Month, The Final Twenty Days

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Three weeks from today, we will be in LA for the theatrical opening of Phoenix, Oregon.

This week, the team is focused on:

  • community outreach to organizations and groups in each market
  • reviews, press and media stories
  • social media engagement and ads directed to each market
  • advance ticket sales

Our publicity team is confirming cast & crew interviews for television and print, hoping to gain some amount of national exposure.

I am starting to have some concern about whether or not people will be going to theaters in light of potential coronavirus risk. There have been a few articles indicating there may already be a small impact to the entertainment industry. Mostly likely the impact to us will be small since we are releasing in so few markets, but I imagine the impact to the wider industry, including small theaters across the country, could be significant over the next few months.

But at this point, it’s all speculation. For now, we will continue working towards a successful March 20 opening.

♡ Annie


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