Looking Towards the Finish Line — 365 Days of Daily Blogging

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Only twenty-five more days in this 365-day blogging challenge. Which also means only twenty-five more days in this year of covid, 2020.

I am grateful to have set a goal and be near completion. And yet, I will be relieved when the year is over.

I will most likely take a long break from writing. I wonder if I will miss it.

This has really been a two year writing experiment — once a week in 2019, every day in 2020. I’ve come a long ways since the heart-pounding shakes, shivers and delirium of those first weeks and months. I’ve become accustomed to letting go of my words, allowing them to be in the world, detached from the value of my heart. Yet of my heart.

The writing finally fits in a routine, a rhythm — after almost a year. I write at the same time daily. I write steadily and sincerely but without the old flurry of emotion and adrenalin bursts.

Unlike past challenges where I figured out the purpose at least half way through, I may not know the real value, reasons or benefit of this challenge until it is complete.

While grateful, I am still trapped in resistance and daily annoyance at the fact of my commitment.

Maybe this is one where the ah-ha will come at the end.

♡ Annie


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