Again on Repeat

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Six weeks into production, and the last few have been all consuming.

With the long weekend off, I’m going to look around and realize the laundry, floors, and bathrooms haven’t been done in weeks. I’ll see piles for the first time, wondering where they came from.

I’ll recenter and wonder about this business. What it takes. How it can be different.

And I’ll think about our future, the streaming platform, the arc of this year, our film Phoenix, Oregon, and what is next. And if I can circle our goals again and restart after being knocked back.

Film culture is not unlike 2020. It creates its own vortex, disorientation, separation.

And then we wake up, look around and wonder where we are.

It’s not bad. Much is good. Just disorienting and perplexing. Abnormal, fun, and challenging.

A game of pin the tail on the donkey, hoping that when the spinning stops, the steadying hands of a friend will point your shoulders in the right direction.

This time.

♡ Annie


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