National Film Festival Day April 11

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On Saturday, Theatrical-At-Home will host thirty-three film festivals and their guests for a private viewing of Phoenix, Oregon followed by a virtual Q&A with our cast & crew!

All revenues will be shared with the participating film festivals.

The Film Festival Alliance, Lela Meadown-Connor, and Barabara Twist have been amazing partners in this effort, showing tremendous event planning, communication and promotional skills. I would like to model their format for future events.

The process to put this together included:

  • Create Google form for festival sign up
  • Create folder with graphics and copy assets for festivals to use to promote the event, including templates for Facebook and Instagram posts
  • Announce event to FFA member film festivals with deadline to signup
  • 11 days before the event, close festival signup
  • Survey festivals on their COVID impact through a Google form
  • 10 days before the event, send out affiliate links to festivals
  • Send out press release (this got picked up by MovieMaker Magazine)
  • Festivals promote event to their patrons
  • Follow up with festivals & provide additional graphics & promotional materials
  • 1 day before event, send emails to ticket buyers with viewing information

The Q&A will include special guests: cast, James Le Gros, Jesse Borrego, Diedrich Bader and director, Gary Lundgren.


♡ Annie


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