New Theaters and Box Office

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So this happened today.

The entire industry suspended box office reports, and no one reported except for us. We knew this was happening as it was announced on Sunday.

So, we broke the record for the lowest grossing #1 movie of all time.

At first, I wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or happy.

Will we be mocked for posting numbers when everyone else held back?

Will we be chastised for announcing “Virtual Box Office”? Will they delete the report?

Once the studios finally announce their dismal numbers, we’ll move down the rankings, but for now, we are number 1.

Over a week ago, when this all went down, I said to the team — “We’ll be the only movie with box office this weekend.” And so it is…

So what if we do get mocked?

Then I’ll say, that we get to write our own rules. We are sharing revenues with theaters when they need it most. I hope all of the studios get on board with this.

Meanwhile, we are adding more theaters this week. We will have 25–30 total with more theaters and announcements to come in Week 3.

We’ll keep announcing Virtual Box Office, until they tell us we can’t.

And then we’ll ask, “Why not? Why don’t you?”

Why not change the rules…

♡ Annie


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