Theatrical-at-Home Logistics, Pt. 6

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After starting off the release of Phoenix, Oregon with 3 days of limited sleep and frenzied tech support, things have stabilized, and the signup flow for customers is smoother.

We’ll see what customers say tomorrow, but I think it’s working much better.

Each night, I have had to be at my tech-support station from 6pm-9pm.

Less and less are the questions platform related. Finally questions are more about helping figure out the TV setup or fix a misspelled email address.

Up until this afternoon, there was still an issue with customer email servers bouncing some of our validation emails. We were able to side-step that and streamline the entire flow. It had been causing huge frustration for customers and chaos for us without really being able to solve it.

With that resolved, my heart won’t beat quite so hard in my chest each time my email dings, and customers won’t have to go through “50” steps just to watch. Geez.

I still have some more things I want to do to further lock down security, and then we’ll start working on shop related features like gift links, look-and-feel, upsells for additional theater contributions, advance ticket sales, affiliate reporting, and overall store conversion rates.

It was one week ago Thursday that in mild desperation, I sat at my desk and told myself, “By 4pm you will have this figured out,” regarding how to deliver and sell the video. I’d been researching and testing for several days and kept running into road blocks. I just couldn’t figure it out. It wasn’t done by 4pm, but by midnight I had a workable prototype for delivery by noon on Friday. So began the frenzy to build, deliver, fix, and improve.

♡ Annie


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