Phoenix, Oregon is The Feel Good Movie We Need Right Now

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Thanks to our publicity team, Allen Media Strategies, and our awesome cast & director, below is a really nice virtual Q&A with BackstageOL who calls Phoenix, Oregon “the feel good movie we need right now.”

Teaser for the Interview (3:00)

Full Interview with Gary, Jesse, Diedrich and James (29:00)

I don’t get tired of hearing these guys stories, laughter and sincerity. Two years ago this month we wrapped Phoenix, Oregon. It was fast-paced and challenging as are all movies and full of juicy problems to solve, but it was a phenomenal experience filled with love, hard work, collaboration and comaraderie. These guys were all so committed to the work and to serving the film.

We also received a nice review today by RT-approved, Quelle Movies. “Phoenix, Oregon will lift your spirits. Seek this one out. You won’t be sorry you did.” — Raquel Stecher

We are up to 19 reviews on RT and 79% Fresh. We’re still working on submitting to additional critics trying to get the review count up over 40. It’s tedious business sorting through the RT approved list, researching tastes & style, submitting and following up with critics. Our theatrical booker and PR specialist, Ryan Bruce Levey, has thankfully been handling this piece. With the film only in 20 markets initially and then with COVID, it was hard to get a large number of critics to jump on board. Now with the national digital release, we expect to get a wider response.

I’ll be submitting our final box office numbers this week to Comscore. I am behind a few weeks, but total box office is over $33,000 which we’ve discovered to be fairly comparable to other films which have released through virtual cinema during COVID. It’s not as high as was expected from normal theatrical, but I am proud of what we have accomplished, and in many ways we are just getting going now that the film will be available everywhere. More on the numbers soon.

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