Phoenix, Oregon Opens at Santikos June 5

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Friday, June 5, Phoenix, Oregon will open at the Santikos theaters in San Antonio, the home town of our lead, Jesse Borrego.

We had planned to open in Santikos in San Antonio on March 20, but that was the day that all theaters closed due to the coronavirus. Santikos called last week to say they have reopened at limited capacity and would like to rebook the film.

All tickets are $5, and 100% of Santiko’s profits from their theater chain are given back to benefit the San Antonio community.

We are reaching out to other theatres as well as the country begins to slowly reopen. Now that we have released digitally, there is less incentive for theatres to accept the film, but they seem to be looking for content as not all of the studio films are available yet.

It’ll be interesting to see how this weekend performs in San Antonio after two months of virtual cinema and publicity, and to see if we can replicate it elsewhere.

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