Congratulations to OHF Grantee Restaurants

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Today the Oregon Hospitality Foundation announced the second round of grants for restaurants who are serving frontline workers and the food insecure in our communities.

It’s been an emotional week, and I cried when I read that two of our local restaurants, Northwest Pizza and Falafel Republic, received grants for their generous work.

Over the last three months in partnering with organizations (theaters, festivals, and restaurants), I have been moved to tears numerous times and have been blown away witnessing people supporting each other. I have had the extreme honor to facilitate some of this support through our Theatrical-at-Home screenings of Phoenix, Oregon.

In the midst of grief, isolation, hate and loss, I’ve also seen goodness first hand, and the contrast brings me to my knees. I grieve for what has been while at the same time experiencing hope for humanity’s potential to counter fear with even greater love.

Of all that I have done the last two months to put our platform together and partner with organizations, I was the most proud today — when the support of strangers met me at my doorstep, in my town, at restaurants we frequent to help our community. I am so grateful to have contributed during this time even in some small way.

We had a part in launching and contributing to these grants through our partnership with OHF and Takeout & A Movie. And now, restaurants in our community can provide a few more meals to those in need.

To anyone who bought Phoenix, Oregon to support a restaurant, theater, festival, or us, your actions, intentions and the cumulative effect of your love moves mountains.

Even small acts — such as buying a $6.50 “matinee” movie ticket from an unknown streaming platform — create a ripple and make a difference.

Thank you, thank you. I love you.

♡ Annie


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