Upgrading the Theatrical-at-Home Platform & Adding New Films

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Over the last few days, I’ve had the first break from technology and supporting the Theatrical-at-Home streaming platform since March 10. We are currently directing all Phoenix, Oregon sales to other digital platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, etc.)

I am now in the process of separating the platform from the Phoenix, Oregon / Joma Films website so that I can start adding new films.

Four new films will be added later this month with the first two being announced later this week. Decoupling the platform from Phoenix, Oregon will allow me to invest additional money and improve the technology without affecting Phoenix, Oregon’s limited resources. One positive note is that after running the accounting reports last week, I realized that our platform cost us less than if we would have gone with an established platform (such as Vimeo VHX.) Confirming that was a relief.

It is really hard to tell how the film is performing on the digital platforms. It’s been on the iTunes best-seller lists which is positive but inconclusive. Thirty days really is too long time to wait for meaningful data.

In the meantime, we are upgrading the design and look-and-feel of our streaming page, and we will relaunch focusing on new national partners for direct sales. If we can replicate revenues from our partnerships, even just making a few thousand from each event, over time that may add up to be enough.

♡ Annie


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