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Promotional materials are being sent to local businesses four weeks before the opening of Phoenix, Oregon on March 20.

Designer Dave finished the graphics this weekend, and I put the order in today after much calling and researching on best pricing and quality.

The rest of the team has been calling and prepping businesses in all of the towns.

At the end of next week, we will be delivering:

Gift Baskets to raffle off with free movie tickets, t-shirts and sponsor gifts.

Coasters — Stacks of about 300 40pt paperboard coasters will be sent to bars, pizza places and bowling centers in each city.

Lead Boxes — Each business will receive a branded box for collecting names for a raffle to be held the week before the film opens.

*Both of the above companies, ADCO Marketing for coasters and LeadBox for boxes were helpful on the phone, responsive and priced well with fast turn-around.

I spent time this week determining cost, value tradeoff, and the exact number of promo packs to send out while still ahering to our budget. We settled on 60 packs split up over 15 theatrical citites.

This is all with the purpose of layering awareness, adding to other channels including social media outreach, bowling contests, advertising, local press, national publicity and in-theater posters and trailers.

I’m unsure which of these methods best translates to ticket sales or if they translate dollar for dollar. We have certainly had excitement when initially speaking to businesses to offer the raffles, and we will continue to follow up with them in the coming weeks.

Now to get the boxes prepped to ship and move on to other outreach tasks!

♡ Annie


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