Artists are Some of the Bravest People I Know

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Artists are… Brave to create. Brave to finish. Brave to share. Brave to exhibit. Brave to promote, engage and connect.

Step by step, they extend themselves out of their safe internal, comfort zone.

It wasn’t until last spring that I realized I didn’t want to “show” my work, only to make it. Realizing that started a frenzy of facing fears through writing, touring and releasing. It’s been a crazy, scary year and still is. I had no idea how many people also feel this way.

To all the artists -

Don’t give up. Keep going. Create when no one is watching. When you’re ready, share.

Your work is needed. Many someones need your unique expression of the world.

You make people laugh, giggle, grin, cry, feel.

You spark hugs, transformation, connection, encouragement and inclusion.

You make us feel seen and not so alone.

You seek truth and authenticity.

Your stories and your love send ripples of change and hope through the world.

Keep writing, dancing, sewing, painting, drawing, building, making.

And when you’re ready, come find us. We are waiting…

…for you.

Thank you for being brave every step of the way.

♡ Annie

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash


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