Submitting the Film to Rotten Tomatoes Certified Critics

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Our publicist started reaching out to critics this week. His goal? To make a couple hundred connections over the next few days with about 45 confirmed reviews to be written by Rotten Tomatoes certified critics by March 20.

We don’t have control over the content of the reviews, but we can research and submit as much as possible to critics who have a taste for films similar to Phoenix, Oregon.

Is it ok to say that aloud?

But the truth is — there are as many types of critics as there are personalities.

Some like straight genre: action films, horror, or light-hearted comedies.

Some like edgy, dark, social think-pieces.

Some like avant-garde, auteur, new-media masterpieces.

And some love soulful, heartfelt, smart indies without any car chases…

Like this critic: “Small-Town Lives”

Waiting for the first reviews is always a nerve-wracking time in the process.

We will expect some good, some bad, some great, some painful reviews. They will run the gamut. Part of our publicist’s job is to strategize which critics to reach out to first, hoping to balance any bad reviews with good.

This one task will make a huge difference in whether the film gains the legs needed to spread far and wide to its true, core audience.

♡ Annie


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