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As I mull the future of Theatrical-At-Home, I’m considering the most rewarding and meaningful aspects of running this streaming service — mostly providing a space where communities can help each other through sharing art.

This week, I felt honored to host a benefit for organizations fighting human trafficking with a screening of The Turn Out. I got to listen in on a panel with people doing the hard work daily to protect and advocate for survivors.

Last week, we hosted a short film series on racism and a panel with black leaders with decades of experience supporting their communities.

Just by participating in these events, I am learning, growing and feeling a sense of contribution. The platform provides a space for filmmakers to share their work and for charities, organizations, and partners to spread the word to their audiences.

As I move forward in scaling the platform, I’d like to focus on events where the customers feel they are participating in something bigger than just viewing a film — knowing they are at a minimum supporting an independent filmmaker and also supporting a theatre, organization, small business, charity or cause.

When the customers come to the platform with the intention of helping or learning — not just of being entertained — the experience for everyone seems to be more loving, warm, and enjoyable.

I’d like to continue to nurture that environment for the viewers, filmmakers and partners who use the platform.

♡ Annie


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