Possible Benefit Events for Phoenix, Oregon

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Our distributor for Phoenix, Oregon has been working to put together some mini-events with streaming + live chat. That would be a test on a new platform called Theatricast which was being built well before the pandemic.

In keeping with the goals for Theatrial-At-Home, I’d also like to try some new events with Phoenix, Oregon as benefits for organizations. So far, we have done events with restaurants, theatres and festivals. I’d like to try bowling centers. I haven’t felt completely comfortable in approaching them with this effort since they have been so focused on just surviving, but now that I am more clear on how I want viewers to feel after experiencing the film and the event, it seems easier.

I’d like to help the bowling centers if possible… they are brick-and-mortar stores that are really hurting during this time. Their re-openings have started, stopped and stalled.

I’m not completely sure how it will come to be, but it is something I’ll be working on in the next few weeks. I’d also like to look at supporting comic book stores — another theme which is highly relevant to the film.

♡ Annie


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