Setting Up a Film Website for Sales

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It occurred to me during the pandemic pivot, that film websites are set up primarily as “information” sites.

Cast, Crew, Press, Bios, Trailer, Synopsis

Film is a product. Why do we not have “sales” sites? Filmmakers are constantly playing catch-up on marketing, branding, outreach, and distribution of their products.

From now on, I will set up film sites with a product and sales focus from day one.

As artists, the word “sales” feels foreign.

But at its heart, “sales” just means serving a specific customer well and providing them a product they need or want.

That’s all artists want to do anyways. Share, impact, give.

Redefining our perception of “sales” will help us get our work to our audiences.

Refocusing our websites from static info to dynamic sales will engage audiences, facilitate community and provide a channel for sharing.

♡ Annie


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