Quarantine Midpoint?

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Is it the midpoint yet?

It feels like the mid-point.

Anyone else? Or is that just me?

I’ve no good reason to think so.

Except that I’m done. And ready to move on. “Hey COVID, listen up! This is your 5 minute warning. Your ride is almost over.”

Or maybe it’s the feeling of mounting desperation of a world without paychecks.

Or because my work frenzy took a breather. A lull before the storm.

Or because I want order, structure and the visual of a pattern that makes sense. With snacks at the saddle to encourage me over the next ridge, a 360 summit to provide meaning, and a hard-earned, lungs-filled, breezy descent to ground my wild thoughts.

What a gift to have been busy. And distracted.

Now I wait.

What’s next? For the film, our company, myself?

Time to scoop up the learnings from this month, the tour, the last two years.

Mix them up, let them sit overnight (or for a week) and rise.

Meanwhile, I’ll wait in patience feigned.

♡ Annie

Photo by Jordan McQueen on Unsplash


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