Real-Time Distribution Case Study, End of 2020

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This “real-time” distribution case study started two years ago while we were in the final stages of editing Phoenix, Oregon.

The first year chronicled the April 2019 premiere and the Summer 2019 national release tour as we drove cross-country in an RV screening in 60 cities over 10 weeks.

In Fall 2019, we partnered with domestic, theatrical and foreign distributors and planned to release theatrically in the US on March 20.

In early March 2020, the pandemic shut down the country. We had to pivot to an online release. With few options available to us, we created our own streaming platform within a week. We showed the film online to audiences and shared revenues with theaters.

Our goal to reach profitability by the end of summer 2020 was dashed as the industry came to a standstill.

We found hope in working with partners — theaters, film festivals and non-profits. This may be the true way forward for an indie film now and into the future.

In June 2020, we released on all digital platforms — including iTunes and Amazon.

Our distributor is still working on an exclusive subscription deal for the next phase, and we continue to have foreign sales. We expect digital and foreign sales to continue into next year.

In September 2020, the town of Phoenix, Oregon, the movie’s namesake, was burned in the Almeda fire and our team shifted efforts to fire relief. We distributed proceeds from online sales of the film and t-shirts to fire survivors.

As we begin 2021, we will continue streaming the film on our own platform and working with partners, as our distributors continue to sell the film and make new strategic deals within the industry.

I will give new updates as available, but for now, the real-time distribution case study will wrap up until we have new momentum or news. Thank you so much for following along these last two years!

♡ Annie


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