Real-Time Distribution Case Study, Week 26: The Wall

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trying too hard

against a wall which resists the head
up a mountain which sends back the rock
through impenetrable steel which denies the hammer

an invitation is offered
to step back
go around

yet the voices resume -
figure it out
reclaim the hammer

but no
put down the tools
no more figuring,

let go
give in

the currents take me
i’ve made it to the atlantic
the waters are warm, enticing
yet dangerous in their beauty
one moment cradling, enveloping
the next slamming into biting sand

audiences start to ask what we’ve learned
but i’m not ready for that question

the waves still pound me
turning, shaping, smoothing

words escape me
cannot confine me, contain me
do not know me

we float from city to city
stamping out time

if only to stop
and gently ride those winds
imagining the other side

or not

if you don’t want my help,
dissolve yourself, wall

♡ Annie

Photo credit: Flannery Lundgren, Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC (more photos)


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