Real-Time Distribution Case Study, Week 27: Niagra Falls

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before even seeing the falls,
i was overcome
by a dizzying

my brain numbed
eyes glazed
tears puddled
legs wobbled

those glorious rapids…

the kind i’d like to navigate
with paddle speared
and handle fulcrumed to hip

steering an unpredictable, undulating dance
with screams and “back-paddle” pleas
lifted joyously above the roar

in an instant, without permission,
i was in the raft
and headed for the falls

consumed by
thrill and danger
with no way to save my crew

in my head


You could say we hit the second act curtain last week, when we realized we will not break even on the tour. Our expenses have been predictable, but we’ve had less ticket sales and sponsorships than forecast.

At first there was disappointment in not meeting the break-even goal, but the tour has been an astounding success with all that we’ve learned about audiences, venues, and the theatrical experience over 60+ screenings. We will be moving into the next phase of distribution armed with data and a sincere sense of how the film will be received.

The Pipers are splitting off to head home to get their kids ready for school and to save some of the costs of having two RVs on the road. We spent our last tour day together at Niagra Falls celebrating 7 weeks on the road.

Gary, Luis, Flannery & I are off to Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Montana, and Washington before our final screening in Portland, Oregon and then home.


Memories from an epic week…

  • visiting the Lincoln Memorial & the World War II Memorial in Washington DC
  • Twin Peaks immersion at the PhilaMOCA in Philly
  • walking through New York City in the rain
  • meeting the real-life Al at Bayside Bowl
  • dipping my toes in the Atlantic at Old Orchard Beach, Maine
  • following interstate signs WEST (home)
  • a pure magic screening at the Norwood Theatre
  • meeting Emmy & Aurora for campfires & swimming at Lake George
  • shivering for the first time in 5 weeks
  • boating to the base of Niagra Falls in the midst of a thunder storm
  • sitting outside in the rain, under the awning, in a newly purchased chair, writing

♡ Annie


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