Real-Time Distribution Case Study, Week 28: Final Two Weeks

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we have a few days off and have been exploring

forts, badlands and wounded knee
mt rushmore and crazy horse
yellowstone and tetons

someday i will attempt to capture my feelingsabout criss-crossing this beautiful countryduring this time of intense political division

but my thoughts are not yet forged

the country drips with history, pride,
love, confusion
and blood
documented by architectural separation,
monuments and memorials

in the west
we lack the architectural reminders

or maybe in the busyness of daily life
I just forget


With two weeks to go, the tour is wrapping up, and “real life” is barreling towards me.

Yesterday, a camp host asked where we have been this summer.

“Everywhere,” I responded.

As she left, I looked towards the sky. It was true. My heart was full, eyes wet: “We did it. We actually did it.”

The striving, trying, and flood of tour-tasks are almost over. I’m beginning to feel the celebration, relief and appreciation for a summer full of memories.


We’ve started reaching out to distribution partners and are strategizing next steps.

I’ll share our plans in the coming weeks as they are solidified as well as summarize learnings and the final numbers.

For now, we are going to enjoy the last two weeks and our final six screenings!

♡ Annie

Photo: Kansas City, MO World War I Memorial


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