Real-Time Distribution Case Study, Week 33: The Alien Ship is Home

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Three weeks ago, our tour ship plopped down to earth on the first day of school. We hit the ground running, especially Flannery. Gary and I had a few days to rest, but now we are back to work: marketing, editing and writing.

I am trying to integrate a slower-paced, minimalist, RV-rhythm into normal life.


Many times since returning, friends have asked, “How was the tour? Was it what you hoped it would be? Was it successful?” To which I respond, “Wonderful. More than we hoped. Yes.”

The success of the tour presented in deeper, more meaningful ways than I could have imagined. It’s hard to fully express the deep changes that were integrated over ten weeks of shaking and rattling around in an RV, but the heart lessons I learned this summer have changed me and will affect the trajectory of the rest of my life.

Mostly I feel connected to and fortified by our audience.

Meeting the audience was pivotal: now I know for whom I am fighting. Without them, why even do this job? For art cannot exist in its fullest form until it has been received. I did not fully grasp this until this summer.

Thank you to our audience. You came up to us night after night, giving hugs, expressing thanks, and encouraging us to keep going.

I see your faces each day as I work. I hold you close.


Figuring out how to get content to the audience still proves difficult in this blockbuster-driven industry. It’s challenging to bootstrap a film into the world.

So now, these character-building questions are posed to me:

  • Am I willing to fight for this film?
  • Am I willing to fight for this audience?
  • Will I do what it takes to get this film to the people it will most impact?

After this summer, my motivation & determination have certainly been renewed.


What’s next?

Stay tuned next week for announcements on future dates for theatrical, special screenings, national promotions, and the digital release all coming Spring 2020.

Thank you for following our journey this summer!

♡ Annie


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