Real-Time Distribution Case Study, Week 34: Patience

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The cliff jumping hinted at last week will have to wait.

I love big ideas. I thrive on adventure, fun and projects.

But sometimes, the best choice is to cocoon, to wait, to rest, to listen.

And to surrender to what is my least favorite trait… patience.

We are weighing many paths and partners but are not yet ready to commit. Pausing is an unfamiliar lesson for me, especially when I am always game for a challenge, drawn compulsively to the next beckoning summit. But maybe a nice river float is the right answer. I just don’t know yet.

Now it is time for me to rest with family & friends and listen for soft whispers, trusting they will come at the right time. I will pause the blog for a few weeks and return once we are ready to announce next steps and partners.

Sending love and thanks to all of you who have read, followed, encouraged and loved me every step of our journey this year. I feel so different than a mere year ago at this time.

♡ Annie

Photo: At Badlands National Park waiting for a tow & flat tire repair.


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