Happy New Year 2020!

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Happy 2020, my friends!

Here I sit… at my grandfather’s writing desk at the start of a new year, a new decade, looking out at the mountains.

I am filled with hope, wonder, optimism, determination, ambition, love… and also with hesitation, reluctance, worry, acceptance, allowance.

This will be a decade of change, both exhilarating and debilitating, with a continual challenge to balance the two.

Right now, in this instant, life is wondrous and beautiful.

All four of our parents are healthy, our thirteen year old daughter is happy, we celebrated our anniversary this week, and our work is coming to fruition.

Over the next decade, Flannery will start high school and graduate from college. Our parents will enter their 90s. Our business will navigate multiple new phases.

If only I could freeze time and request that life remain the same…

yet just like a little kid
who still stumbles when she runs,
i find myself already clamoring
to climb the tallest, unsafe tree
the one with low stable branches
that tempt me higher
quickly luring me 20 feet off the ground
with no retreat
where the only option
is to become a stronger climber

I wish for us all — a gentle and generous year and decade — with new space for adventure and growth — that we feel held in love and mystery.

may we embark on more tree climbing
may we stand under each others’ trees
arms outstretched
allowing the struggle
yet providing a net
may we see the distant horizons
singing to us and calling us
may we sit with our fears
nurse our scrapes
and keep going


There is exciting news in the works for Phoenix, Oregon. In the next few weeks, we will announce our 2020 release plans. Stay tuned!

One parting request for you — if you enjoyed following our journey last summer and my 30-week blog, might you consider a few words for me?

As I contemplate how to best continue sharing about the release, what did you find most helpful about the blog? What would you like to see more of? What would most inspire your own journey?


Happy New Year!

♡ Annie


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