Saying Goodbye to Phoenix, Oregon on Theatrical-at-Home

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This morning when I was getting ready to switch our website over to digital pre-orders, I admit to getting a little sad. It’s been a wild ride. Nine weeks ago, I was staying up all night trying to figure out how in the world we would deliver what had been committed — a streaming version of Phoenix, Oregon for theater patrons.

As it turns out, there was a glitch in our AppleTV pricing, so I didn’t have to make the switch just yet. It will be a couple days before it is resolved and we can announce on our site and social.

Now I will take a moment to give Phoenix, Oregon’s Theatrical-at-Homea proper goodbye, knowing that it will indeed be missed.

It’s not just a goodbye to the platform I built, but also to the intimacy of partnerships, fans, goodwill and support built over the course of the entire last year. I again thank the theaters, festivals & fans for all of their support — both during the ten week tour last summer and over the last two months. What an amazing experience it’s been.

Digital is different. This is a whole new phase when the film becomes available to the masses not just to speciality audiences connected by curators. It’s different but also good. Our press will fly farther. Customers can buy where they feel comfortable. All of our seeding and nurturing will have a chance to grow and flourish.

And we will still partner. Always partnering.

♡ Annie

PC: Mary WilkinsKelly


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