Setting Up the Affiliate Program & Real-Time Sales Reporting

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I’ve been researching affiliate apps for real-time reporting and have finally landed on GoAffPro. It seems to have the perfect mix of features and simplicty.

It allows for tracking by Product Variant, the most critical feature in our system, e.g. any purchase of a virtual ticket for theater 1 credits theater 1’s account whether or not the customer arrived via a referral link.

Theaters can view real-time sales in their dashboard, run reports, access marketing materials and input payment information. In addition, it allows custom scripting.

With sixty theaters in the system, I’ve had to spend several hours each week manually creating sales reports. By adding functionality, we remove barriers for scaling.

Right now the Theatrical-At-Home sytem is running on:

  • Shopify for Payment Processing
  • JW Player for video hosting, screencasting, desktop player and geo-blocking
  • GoAffPro for Affiliate Reporting
  • Report Pundit for detailed sales and customer reports
  • a few other Shopify backend apps to make the system work

I’m looking at a possible addition for streaming directly on the TV, especially for Roku and Samsung since those don’t support screencasting from our player.

Then I’d like to beef up our FAQ and user-interface so that customers have a better overall experience and the site appearance is more “cinematic”.

Once I make progress in those areas, I’ll feel more comfortable scaling and adding additional partners and possibly a few more films to participate in Theatrical-At-Home.

♡ Annie


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